Be A Tech Know It All

Real Estate Technology

Every day we all rely on technology for some reason.  The Pew Research Center tells us, in fact, that a whopping 97% of Americans have a cell phone.  It isn’t out of the question that you might be reading this right now on a cell phone!  And while I assume most of us automatically equate ‘cell phones’ with technology, it goes much deeper than that.  Our reliance on technology has truly become what I’d label a #FirstWorldProblem.  What that can mean for a buyer or seller is how quickly you can help them find someone taking advantage of what technology can do for them in the pursuit of snapping up their dream home, or dumping what they currently own in an effort to try and keep up with the Joneses.  

The What

There’s an entire nerdy, digital world out there we need to not only be aware of and educated about, but we need to be ready to implement the various types of tech to help close deals.  From the ubiquitous cell phone to a home networked with the personal assistant of your choice, whether you’re asking Alexa to turn up the TV or dim the lights, or screaming ‘Hey, Google,’ for the next step of a recipe…the kinds of technology present in a home can make or break a deal.  That can sometimes descend all the way down to ensuring that the plugs in the kitchen and bathroom and family gathering spaces support the newest USB plugs for charging and enjoying said devices.  Not everyone has the same technology experiences.  And not everyone is going to appreciate what the current owner has done to enhance his or her digital life in the home.  But you don’t want to be caught flat-footed when someone asks you where the router is, or if the home requires a mesh for the best WiFi connectivity, or if there are HDMI outlets already installed.

The When

Times are changing.  In 2011 35% of Americans had a cell phone.  Those people were not asking you what model Nest works best, and they weren’t wanting to adjust the temperature or turn on the living lights from six blocks away, or figure out the optimal location for their Echo Dots.  The only kind of plug options you had were GFI and non-GFI.  Now is the time to bone up on technology, to use it in your own home, and to ensure that you can be as conversational as possible when asked a question the 2011 version of you would have laughed at.  Homes can be retrofitted very easily for all kinds of electrical and technology needs (goal: making them more immediately livable in a buyer’s imagination, for example).  Heck, if I can change an outlet to incorporate the latest USB options, anyone can.  And I don’t even like the Joneses.